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The Solaris synthesizer delivers an unprecedented degree of programmability wrapped up in a multi-faceted hardware interface that keeps its deep feature set still manageable. Although the Solaris synthesizer is already laden with multiple screen displays and lots of knobs and buttons, there are some ancillary tasks where a computer with its full (QWERTY-style) keyboard and larger screen would be better suited. As a uniquely specialized software development company, the Subliminal Effect has created a series of Mac OS X utility applications that augment the Solaris synthesizer.

Solaris Preset Renamer

Once you start creating or customizing your own sound programs for the Solaris synthesizer, you will find the Solaris Preset Renamer software application to be an invaluable time saver. This handy utility greatly facilitates the process of editing the preset names that are stored within each Solaris program data file. This tedious task that could take upwards of a minute or more on the synthesizer hardware, can now be reduced to mere seconds, depending upon your keyboard typing skill.

Solaris Bank Lister

The Solaris synthesizer ships with hundred of sound programs on the Compact Flash (CF) card that comes with it. There is plenty of storage space available for you to re-arrange these into your own favorite groupings of them or to create thousands of your own custom sound programs. All of these myriad sound programs cab be differentiated with their associated preset name but these are typically only exposed in the main LCD display screen of the Solaris synthesizer when browsed. Even looking inside the contents of the folder structure of the Compact Flash (CF) card reveals only multiple series of generic filenames of the form p01.pre, p02.pre, p03.pre, etc.

The Solaris Bank Lister software application is an off-shoot from the development of the previous Solaris Preset Renamer utility. It lets you select a folder of the generically named Solaris program data files and generates a text file of all the corresponding preset names in that particular bank. These bank listings will be helpful to you keeping track of all your Solaris program data files and organizing them into new bank groupings.

Solaris Sample Pooler

The highly flexible and powerful architecture of the Solaris synthesizer enables the generation of sounds from different sound source types, including the playback of sample data. While the Solaris synthesizer's sample playback oscillator type greatly extends its sound creation capabilities, the sample data files that it uses must be specifically custom formatted.

The Solaris Sample Pooler software application is an easy to use tool to quickly convert 16-bit, 44.1 kHz standard .WAV Waveform Audio File Format specification sample files to sample data that can then be loaded and used by the Solaris synthesizer.

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