Solaris Preset Renamer utility

The Solaris Preset Renamer is a Mac OS X software application created by the Subliminal Effect that facilitates the process of editing the preset names that are stored in the program data files used by the Solaris synthesizer from John Bowen Synth Design.

The preset names that appear in the main display screen of the Solaris synthesizer are important to help visually identify and distinguish among the many different programmed sounds that are stored in files on the Compact Flash (CF) card plugged into the back of the instrument. These preset names can be edited directly with the controls of the Solaris synthesizer but the mechanics of this process can be tedious and time-consuming involving a lot of button stabbing to position within the preset name and then dialing through the various alphabetical letters, numerals and assorted other characters.

While the Solaris synthesizer implements more display screens, knobs, button and other user controls in hardware than any other synthesizer (short of a large, wall-sized modular system), it does lack the direct immediacy of typing on a computer (QWERTY-style) keyboard when it comes to the unique task of editing preset names.

The Solaris Preset Renamer software application allows you to utilize the keyboard of a computer running Mac OS X toward the task of editing the preset names of Solaris program data. With this software utility, the time it takes to edit just a single preset name can be drastically reduced from a couple of minutes (or more) to mere seconds (depending upon typing skill).

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Application Setup

Once downloaded and extracted from its compressed .zip file, you can then move the Solaris Preset Renamer application (everything is contained within the single .app file) to your Applications folder (or anywhere else you want to run it from).

Usage Overview

Before you start running the Solaris Preset Renamer application, connect your Solaris Compact Flash (CF) card to your computer running Mac OS X and copy the folders that contain your Solaris Preset files (those with .pre extensions) to one of your computer drives. These copied files will be the ones that the Solaris Preset Renamer utility will be used on. Once you have finished editing the Solaris Preset names, copy these folders of edited files back to your Compact Flash (CF) card and insert into your Solaris. You should now see the new (edited) file names appear in the Solaris main display window.

Application Instructions

The user interface of the application is very simple and shouldn't require much in the way of instruction or explanation. Essentially, use the multi-column browser in the upper portion of the Solaris Preset Renamer application to navigate to the folders with your Solaris Preset files (those with .pre extensions). The application starts at the root of the drive that you used to boot your computer. Don't be surprised if you see more folders than you are used to ordinarily; the application browser is also showing (normally) hidden folders to you. To navigate to a different drive, you need to select the (hidden) Volumes folder to see any other available drives listed in the next column over.

When you have navigated to the folder with the Solaris Preset files that you want to edit, all the files with .pre for an extension will now be listed in the next column over (by filename in ascending alphabetical order). Just select one of these Solaris Preset files to see its contained preset name in the textbox underneath. Edit this preset name in the textbox as desired and select the Save button to (immediately) save the preset name back to its preset file. If you want to discard any edits and revert to the original preset name contained in the preset file, just click the Cancel button instead.

Select another Solaris Preset file in the multi-column browser to edit its contained preset name and repeat as necessary. When you are done editing the Solaris Preset names, just quit the application. The edits to the preset names were already saved back to the files when you clicked on the Save button. That's it.

While running the application, you can also access brief usage description and instruction from the application's Help menu.

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